Want unlimited premium membership to our website? Become the MAYOR of a school on International School Community!

Currently we have 27000+ members that work at over 1200 international schools. There are actually probably even more international schools that our members have worked at! That means there are many excellent candidates for Mayors already on our website.

As Mayor of a school, you will get unlimited free premium membership to our website. Of course being the Mayor has some job responsibilities:

  • All Mayors will need to make sure that their school has the most updated information (e.g. basic info, links, Facebook page, Youtube video, etc.). If changes need to be made you just simply send a quick email to us.
  • Mayors need to make sure they check on their school's Wall, posting updates about their school as well (like new vacancies, any big changes to the school that are happening, etc.)
  • Mayors will also be required to submit at least 3 new comments every month.

Regular International School Community members get unlimited free premium membership if they submit 10 comments a month, so being the mayor has its perks! Actually, all Mayors will also get 1 free month of premium membership added to their account for every 10 comments they submit. That means after you step down as Mayor, you will have built up some free premium membership to use and still be a premium member with full access to our website.

Being a mayor is easy! The more Mayors we have on our website will mean more informed members as there will be more up to date information on the schools you want to know about!

* Please note that being the Mayor of a school is anonymous, and that all comments submitted on our website are also anonymous.

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