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American School of Marrakesh

Marrakesh, Morocco

School Information

What types of accreditation does this school have? When is the accreditation up for renewal? Any religious affiliations?

"ASM is in the process of American Middle States accreditation."

School Information

Average monthly salary after taxes and in what currency (explain taxation situation). How often do you get paid throughout the year?

"The salary is paid in Euros."

Taipei European School

Taipei, Taiwan

School Information

Describe a funny culture shock moment that you've had recently in this city.

"Taiwanese people are generally so very polite and friendly, that it amazes a lot of foreign visitors. If a tourist stands somewhere looking puzzled, it will usually take less than two minutes before a Taiwanese person inquires if they need help."

School Information

Explain how salaries are decided (e.g. is there a pay schedule? extra step for masters degree? Annual pay raises? Bonuses?).

"Maximum entry point. bonus if teacher signs a new 2 year contract (payable the 2nd year of 2nd contract - one month's salary.)"

School Information

Details about the current teacher appraisal process.

"The teacher appraisal process changes frequently because the administration does as well. To date, no administrator has renewed their contract in the school's history."

Leipzig International School

Leipzig, Germany

School Information

Describe what kinds of teachers work here (local vs. expat, qualifications [or lack there of], etc.) and staff turnover rate. Is there a native English speaker or nationality requirement? Is it LGBT friendly country/school?

"The staff is from around 13 different nationalities, including the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada."

School Information

Describe the different aspects of the school building and the school grounds. Also, describe the surrounding area around the campus.

"Are the school you will find high & low rise buildings. It is in a green suburb with parks and gardens."

School Information

Details about the teaching contract. What important things should prospective teachers know about?

"Staff members are still not given one year contracts. Some teachers are given a break in their contracts but it is inconsistent in who receives this break and why."

School Information

Sample prices for food, transportation, average hourly rates for a housekeeper, etc.

"I would say that a dinner out to a nice-ish restaurant (with drinks) would cost around 18 OMR for two people. It is not THAT expensive here to eat out, in my opinion. "

School Information

Sample activities that you can do around the city? Including ones that you can do with a family (children)?

"Every Sunday the city closes the main boulevards for "Pasos y Pedales" = walking and riding. It streets are open for walkers, bike riders, skate boards, dog walkers, joggers, etc. Encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy some exercise. Often there are special activities with music, business sponsors, etc. "

School Information

What does the school do to create a harmonious state of well-being and high morale amongst its staff?

"There are several grass roots efforts to create community. This is at the teacher level and is supported by a few principals. However, this is not a priority, and is often seen as unnecessary by the upper admin. It's often harmed by statements made at meetings where someone might say that one campus is better than the other, or when someone..."

Kwajalein Senior High School

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands

School Information

How is the school calendar? Is there ample vacation time?

"Bright sunshine and warm, humid air will probably be part of your first impression of Kwajalein. Temperatures average 87 degrees during the day and 77 degrees at night."