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Global Jaya School

Jakarta, Indonesia

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Professional development allowance details.

"School has good PD. but not offered on an individual basis"

Colegio Albania

La Guajira, Colombia

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What does the school do to create a harmonious state of well-being and high morale amongst its staff?

"The moral is up to us. The school does not really get involved. We find was to say entertained. "

Qatar Academy (Sidra)

Doha, Qatar

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Places to travel to outside the city by bus or train.

"The desert - Find someone or rent a 4x4 and go to the inland sea or up north and go camping. (nothing by bus or train)"

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Describe school's location in relation to the city center and to the teacher's housing. How do staff get to school before and after school?

"School is in a suburb and is in a separate building on a Chinese school campus. Teacher\'s housing is scattered around in housing complexes 20 - 40 minutes drive depending on traffic. "

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Languages of the host city and the level of English spoken there.

"No one speaks English. Not a single word. "

Jumeira Baccalaureate School

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Sample activities that you can do around the city? Including ones that you can do with a family (children)?

"Many amusement parks and entertainment centres geared to families, but they are very expensive. There are several free beaches but those are disappearing due to urban development. Hotel beaches cost between 200-500+ AED per person per day."

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Describe their hiring policies and procedures. Share your interview experience. Any hiring restrictions? is there a particular curriculum experience required? How about single parents/number of dependents sponsored?

"The school does do interviewing over Skype. Send your application to this email address - , no age restrictions. They looks for at least 3 years of experience."

International School of Tanganyika

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

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Describe the city's weather at different times of the year.

"It is warm/hot year round. November to February can be very hot. June/July is very pleasant, but also the time when most people are on vacation. There are two rainy seasons, the short rains around November, and the long rains around February (plus or minus three months or so...) I've never needed to wear a sweater or long sleeved shirt ..."

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Average monthly salary after taxes and in what currency (explain taxation situation). How often do you get paid throughout the year?

"Salaries are paid monthly, usually just before the first of the next month. You get your salary each month throughout the summer (not as one lump sum in June). The school helps you set up a bank account, and it's pretty easy to setup online banking and transfer money to your home country for a small fee (maybe $5-10)."

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In general, why are people staying at or leaving this school?

"Teachers stay at MEFIS Izmir because of the family-like atmosphere."

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Tell about your experiences in the local grocery stores. What can you get or cannot get? Which ones are your favorites.

"I always go to Riba Smith however its a little expensive.

The supermarkets are well stocked, and you can find anything you would find in the US."

Raffles International School (West)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Explain how salaries are decided (e.g. is there a pay schedule? extra step for masters degree? Annual pay raises? Bonuses?).

"There is a gratuity/End of service benefits as per the Labour Law in the UAE."