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  • American International School Abuja

    27 Jun (2 new comments)

    "The school is building additional classrooms for the high school division. This is meant to alleviate some of the space sharing issues that currently exist."

  • Keystone Academy

    26 Jun (2 new comments)

    "The school year has ended and about 40 to 50 staff members have left. Some relocating in China and some returning home. There is expected to be a large number of leavers in June 20..."

  • Osaka YMCA International School

    25 Jun (5 new comments)

    "It varies widely. I know of at least two PYP teachers who were not evaluated this year."

  • International School of Bucharest

    25 Jun (6 new comments)

    "Most people here use Revolut for money transfers. It's easier and cheaper than dealing with the local banks for currency-related transactions."

  • Schutz American School

    25 Jun (7 new comments)

    "The only issue I had is that I thought I needed to get cable tv from the way they worded an email. Most people pay for Hulu, Disney, Prime, and Netflix and just use a firestick and..."

  • Harrow Haikou

    19 Jun (3 new comments)

    "One week for Golden week at the beginning of October, 2 weeks around Christmas, two weeks for Chinese New Year, a few days around April and a summer vacation (6 weeks)."

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