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  • Silicon Valley International School

    30 Mar (5 new comments)


  • KIS International School (Bangkok)

    29 Mar (7 new comments)

    "Teachers do 1-2 duties every two week cycle. Some timetable are heavier than others and some classes larger, a backhanded compliment but not one that one wants with 30 odd Psycholo..."

  • The British School Manila

    29 Mar (5 new comments)

    "You can get most things, though expect a degree of intermittent supply, particularly for imported goods. Cheapest in BGC will either be Landmark or the Metro store in Market Market..."

  • Hayah International Academy

    29 Mar (2 new comments)

    "A small percentage of the monthly salary is paid in EGP, but it's pegged to the USD. Therefore, if exchange rate changes, you get the equivalent in USD. Confirm that this is s..."

  • Shanghai Community International School

    29 Mar (14 new comments)

    "Previous COVID restrictions, border closures, etc. However, borders are open again and the majority of COVID restrictions have been lifted."

  • YCIS Shanghai Puxi

    29 Mar (12 new comments)

    "Wenzhou is a little town full of canals. Just a few hours by train, it is far less touristy than Suzhou."

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