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  • Dulwich College Beijing

    22 Jun (15 new comments)

    "Get your fingerprints taken in the airport the minute you land, it will allow you to skip the huge lines at the immigration desks the next time you enter !! (1.5 hours, waiting in ..."

  • Guangdong Country Garden School

    22 Jun (20 new comments)

    "In my case, none. In one instance we had a meeting where 50 staff where present and we all had to debate the entire years scope and sequence for 3 age groups in 1 hour on a meeting..."

  • Aga Khan Academy Mombasa

    21 Jun (5 new comments)

    "school is located 5 min from mombasa city centre.housing is provided for selected local staff depending on availability and all foreign hires automatically get housed near the sch..."

  • The Continental School Of Cairo

    20 Jun (12 new comments)

    "The contracts include every single detail concerning every aspect."

  • El Alsson British and American International School

    19 Jun (3 new comments)

    "Nothing has improved perhaps next year things will be different and the campus will be completed. "

  • Berlin Cosmopolitans School

    18 Jun (10 new comments)

    "You are free to take on extra jobs "

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