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  • KIS International School (Bangkok)

    28 Oct (11 new comments)

    "The school is near the city center, but traffic can make the commute longer than necessary. Taking the MRT reduces travel time. Teachers live in the city center, but teacher housin..."

  • Berkeley International School (Bangkok)

    28 Oct (6 new comments)

    "The students all speak English in the classroom and in the hallways. In the lower elementary and pre-K, there are Thai assistant teachers but that is gone by 2nd grade. Some stud..."

  • Kyoto International School

    27 Oct (1 new comments)

    "As the school moves into Aki Yasumi (Autumn Break) we can reflect on a great first quarter of the school year. After school clubs are back running again and proving very popular wi..."

  • Khartoum International Community School

    27 Oct (18 new comments)

    "There's a few major supermarkets, mostly in Amarat and Ryad. Imported products can be extremely pricey though, and often they're not as good as they should be, considerin..."

  • Berlin Metropolitan School

    27 Oct (6 new comments)

    "We have an IT team of 4 collegaues and an EdTech teacher. Every teacher has its own laptop and can work in a shared working space. Students can bring their own device and can use o..."

  • Qatar Academy Msheireb

    27 Oct (10 new comments)

    "Hamad Airport is a great airport and a huge hub for international flights."

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