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  • Bandung Independent School

    18 Aug (6 new comments)

    "Every year students go and come. This year there are over 30 new students.And the number is still increasing. "

  • Singapore American School

    17 Aug (11 new comments)

    "Yes, but it’s important to know that while the school is very forward thinking in many ways, it’s also a very traditional American school in others."

  • Beijing International Bilingual Academy

    17 Aug (5 new comments)

    "mindfulness is expected to be given to students but no training is given aside from photocopied books"

  • Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala

    17 Aug (11 new comments)

    "The school had a group of teachers who did not know how to be a part of the Guatemalan community or school. They made everyone very nervous. Bullying existed in the adults. Finall..."

  • SMIC Private School

    16 Aug (1 new comments)

    "Be aware that this is not a typical international school with a clear pay scale, therefore you don't know if you are being paid fairly compared with your colleagues. The scho..."

  • Seoul Foreign School

    16 Aug (5 new comments)

    "The school is trying to improve morale through staff-run wellness activities. It remains to be seen whether this helps. The morale has improved over the past 2 years because people..."

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