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  • Brent International School Manila

    27 Feb (2 new comments)

    "Salaries are based on your teaching experience and degrees. For expats, you will receive some of your payment in US dollars. This goes to you own bank account in your home country ..."

  • American International School in Abu Dhabi

    27 Feb (1 new comments)

    "Some staff live in the nicer apartments on Reem Island, not terribly close to school or other landmarks but a nice place to live. Others live in the older apartments near Abu Dhabi..."

  • The British School Manila

    27 Feb (7 new comments)

    "Contracts include an exclusivity clause, so you need Head of School's permission - I think this is meant to keep teachers safe though as you can get in trouble with immigratio..."

  • NOVA International Schools - Skopje

    27 Feb (1 new comments)

    "NOVA is a member of CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association), so there are competitions with other member schools."

  • EtonHouse International School (Singapore)

    27 Feb (2 new comments)

    "The safety and availability of just about whatever you want. This is a well-organised, connected city with nearly everything to be found somewhere. I love the safe, clean, and reli..."

  • BASIS International School Guangzhou

    26 Feb (4 new comments)

    "You need special receipts called fapaios. You need to have the schools tax information, sending that to the store and they will issue a fapiao. Teachers must submit a purchase requ..."

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